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EOTOE, Embarrassingly Obvious Theory Of Everything

December 10, 2011

Embarrassingly Obvious Theory Of Everything

EOTOE, Some Implications (I)

EOTOE is an Embarrassingly Obvious Theory Of Everything.

In essence it states that all things in the universe, nouns and verbs objects and processes, originate and derive from the energy-mass dualism.

Origin and essence of this derivation are expressed mathematically by

E=Total[m(1+ D)] (D = distance travelled by mass since singularity)

Which suggests that the universe cycles between two poles: singularity/all-mass , and maximum-expanded/nearly-all-energy.
The “nearly” all-energy leaves behind some mass formats that begin consolidating by gravity, when it eventually overcomes expansion as the mass fueling the expansion is nearly depleted, becoming very small m multiplied by very large D = E .

Thus the essence/definition of gravitation is:
“Gravitation Is the propensity of energy reconversion to mass”.

Gravitation is the “monotheism” and the “ genesis” of the universe. Singularity, at D = 0, is the very brief all-mass pole of the universe. The Big-Bang-inflation did not produce matter or anti-matter. It was the beginning of mass reconversion into energy, of increasing D fueled by decreasing m.

The conjectured gravitons, smallest basic particles, most probably do exist, but must be with mass, and gravitons microclusters must “big-bang” during the on-going expansion at a resolution of their energy-mass superposition.

This is rationally commonsensical, therefore it is scientifically probable.
Inflation started with the whole universe m shattering into fragments that evolved into, became, the galaxy clusters. The clusters expansion is fed at a constant rate by m-fuel. Since expansion accelerates, since the clusters depart from each other at an ever increasing velocity, we learn that the rate of m-to-E reconversion in the universe is constant. The accelerated expansion derives from the ever decreasing m of each cluster.

Thus the essence/definition of evolution, natural selection is:
Mass formats attaining temporary augmented energy constraint in their successive generations, with energy drained from other mass formats, to temporarily postpone, survive, the reversion of their own constitutional mass to the pool of cosmic energy fueling the galactic clusters expansion.

This explains why black holes and humans, in fact all mass formats, must feed themselves in order to survive.
This explains that the essence of quantum mechanics of all processes is the detailed procession steps, the evolution details, between physical states ordained for natural selection.

Thus comes to light the universe inspected progressively in greater detail.
Science reveals the universe’s nature-scope and directing drive, followed by technology studying its evolution details-aspects, followed by engineering exploitation of the attained information. This suggests the specific weight, importance, of science, technology and engineering in considering of research or enterprise plans and implementation.

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

Definitely: Dark energy and dark matter YOK! Universe’s m reconverts to E at a constant rate…
Universe accelerated expansion is per Newton’s motion laws, obviously…
Also, universe physics constants should vary, probably slightly, between galaxies clusters due to different clusters sizes…
Also, the clusters formed by dispersion at inflation…

The singularity constituents must have been the smallest elementary particles. They may be designated gravitons, but they MUST HAVE MASS. They were born at the energy-mass superposition resolution, together with the fragments that became galaxies clusters.
At expansion D increases, therefore m decreases, which per Newton mandates mass and matter acceleration. This goes on, most probably, at a constant rate of mass-to-energy reconversion, at an energy-mass resolution, mandated by the equality of both sides of the top equation.. And this resolution is, for each graviton, most probably in a format of a minuscule big-bang.

This is a lesser fantasy than the dark matter and energy fantasy. Such mass-energy gravitons may be omnipresent within each galaxies cluster, maintaining each cluster as a primordial Newtonian body and being the fuel-driver of expansion.



EOTOE, Some Implications (II)

This equation describes the presently expanding universe:

E=Total[m(1 + D)] D = distance travelled by mass since singularity

This equation describes the future contracting universe:

E=Total[m(1 + D)] D = reduced contracting expansion distance


The base units of mass – may be designated gravitons but MUST have mass – are not temporal, they never disappear.

In the present expanding universe they are in motion as mD away from the singularity point.
Those of them that hit a whatever mass format and move it become inert. This will go on until all or nearly all of them cease moving forward, i.e. until D ceases growing.

When D ceases growing gravitation will overcome the inertial motion away from the singularity point and will start pulling them back towards it. It is then that D will start diminishing, to maintain the equation’s equality…


The rational commonsensical, and therefore scientifically probable, implication is that Space is imbued with these massed gravitons that are continuously left behind during Expansion… also as micro clusters sized between gravitons and neutrinos…


EOTOE, Some Implications (III)


Energy = dynamic quality, the capacity of acting or being active, a fundamental entity of nature that is transferred between componentsts of a system in the production of physical change within the system and usually regarded as the capacity for doing work.

Mass = Mass is the quantity of inertia possessed by an object or the proportion between force and acceleration referred to in Newton’s Second Law of Motion.


E=Total[m(1 + D)] D = distance travelled by mass since singularity

Energy is mass in motion.

The mass of the universe is either in motion or, during an extremely brief fraction of a second,  in the form of inert massed gravitons, with which the universe is imbued.

At the (present) universe expansion phase mass reconverts to energy at a constant rate, leaving behind nearly inert gravitons collected and stored in black holes.  Gravitons become energetically active when they are reset in motion, i.e. when acted upon by energy such as by gravity including during the universe re-contraction phase.



EOTOE, Some Implications (IV)

This equation describes the future contracting universe:
E=Total[m(1 + D)] D = reduced expansion distance travelled by mass in the preceding expansion phase

Elaboration and conjectured implications:

D is the distance travelled by mass in all spatial directions emanating from the Big-Bang singularity point. During contraction it decreases, accompanied with increasing m effected by the constant E.

A commonsensible conjecture is that Universe Contraction is initiated following the Big-Bang event, as released moving gravitons (energy) start reconverting to mass (gravity) and eventually returning to black holes, steadily leading to the re-formation of The Universe Singularity, simultaneously with the inflation and expansion, i.e. that universal expansion and contraction are going on simultaneously.

Conjectured implications are that the Universe is a product of A Single Universal Black Hole with an extremely brief singularity of ALL the gravitons of the universe, which is feasible and possible and mandated because gravitation is a very weak force due to the small size of the gravitons, the primal mass-energy particles of the universe.

This implies also that when all the mass of the presently expanding universe is consumed by the present black holes, expansion will cease and be replaced with empansion back to THE Single Universal Black Hole.


EOTOE, Some Implications (v)

The Gravitons Nature-Origin Puzzle

My model for the EOTOE has been evolutionary biology. Since life must be just another mass format, and due to the oneness of the universe, it is commonsensical that natural selection is ubiquitous and that life, self-replication, is its extension. And it is commonsensical, too, that evolutions, broken symmetry scenarios, are ubiquitous in all processes in all disciplines and that these evolutions are the “quantum mechanics” of the processes.

However, there is yet an origin of origins puzzle.

Whereas the genesis of genes, life’s primal organisms, is rationally commonsensical, thus highly probably, the “naturally-selected” RNA nucleotides – the existence, origin and nature of the rationally commonsensical conjectured massed graviton are yet much farther from probable than the nucleotides life’s genesis. The gravitons are more enigmatic because science has not yet accumulated the extent and variegated considerations and examinations required to approach the comprehension of the origin of origins of the universe.

PS: From
“The origin-reason and the purpose-fate of life are mechanistic, ethically and practically valueless. Life is the cheapest commodity on Earth. Human life is just one of many nature’s routes for the natural survival of RNAs, the base primal Earth organisms.
It is up to humans themselves to elect the purpose and format of their life as individuals and as group-members.”


EOTOE, Some Implications (VI)

Yet something about the gravitons

Yet one possible conjecture about the gravitons is that they, too, must have a dual mass-energy nature…

From singularity it is a rationally commonsensical conjecture that they are a mass format, the smallest elementary mass particles.
Nevertheless from the Big-Bang it is a rationally commonsensical conjecture that the gravitons must be both mass and energy, i.e. inert mass in motion, even at singularity. This is rationally commonsensical since otherwise the Big would not Bang…

The universe originates, derives and evolves from this energy-mass dualism which is possible and probable due to the small size of the gravitons.

This raises the origin of origins puzzle to an unknown power…

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

PS 1: Wondering what/why black-hole scientists think/conjecture re this…

PS 2: re  E=Total[m(1+ D)]

When E=10^C ,  m=10^A,  D=10^B ,  C is constant while A and B are inter-related, hence  C=B + A.

This may enable estimate duration of the present all-mass to all-energy universe phase…


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