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Cell In Tumor Cell

August 24, 2011

Cell In Tumor Cell



Eat Or Be Eaten Is Ubiquitous.

It is ubiquitous for ALL spin arrays mass formats including life, since natural selection is E (energy) temporarily constrained in an m (mass) format, to postpone the energy constrained in the mass format from serving as fuel for the ongoing expansion of the universe, which is the ongoing reconversion to energy of all the mass of the universe, resolved from singularity at the Big Bang.


In Earth life formats ALL activities are mandated and initiated  by RNAs,

since all life is evolved RNAs, which are Earth’s primal organisms.
All life evolves per and in accordance with RNAs assessments of culture, assessment if an event, a course, enhances or not its constrained energy, its natural selection.
This determines the course of RNA’s alternative splicing, the course of its modified functionality. This is what  genetic memory is, this is what genetic inheritance is.


Therefore in the subject of Cell In Tumor Cell, 

like in all life processes, for elucidating the drive and direction of the process search the involved RNAs configurations.

Life has always been and still is an RNA world.



Dov Henis

(comments from 22nd century)

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