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AAAS contributes ambiguity to Science

March 17, 2006

May 16, 2005 Dov, in biologicalEvolution forum

(A) The key sentences from: "Advances – The Monthly Newsletter For AAAS Members, May 2005, Message to Members, Separating Fact And Faith", from Alan I. Leshner, CEO, AAAS.

" Science and religion are not in opposition; many scientists are deeply spiritual and most religious leaders accept evolution. However, the place for discussions of creationism and intelligent design—based on faith—should be churches, temples, religious schools, and perhaps even public schools, but only during nonscience classes."


(B) For me the above sentences are The Symptom, and The Diagnosis is Mental-Emotional Blind Confusion:

– What is the plain meaning of "deeply spiritual scientists"?

– In what way are "religious leaders" different from plain non-leaders religious persons?

– How, in plain language, do religious persons accept evolution?

– What makes Faith non-discussable scientifically?

– What makes anything non-discussable scientifically?

– Why can't we and should'nt we discuss EVERYTHING scientifically, especially religion?

(C) The only treatment I can prescribe to the above sad confused state of mind is adoption of and adherence to Scientism, maybe via an SCM project…

After all we humans are but the latest complex product of evolution of the original pre-cellular pre-chromosomal gene(s), and the essence of our life is the essence of its/their lives and vice versa, and this fact – not ambiguous faith/spiritual terms – should be the base reference of our comprehensions, plans and actions…

end. DH.

end. DH.


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