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Comment on "nature of life"

March 6, 2006

Jul 22, 2002   In biologicalEvolution forum.

From SA, umaryland,  to Dov In biologicalEvolution forum.

Dov, re your "Nature of Life" statement :

I have played extensively with modeling of self-replicating cellular automata (a computer term describing a unit with a pre-programmed behaviour) – so called artificial life – and I believe that not only single archaic pre-modern genes are alive, but even computer-generated self-replicating cellular automata are alive. They are subject to evolutionary rules you impose on them, and they develop to higher complexity as well. Life is a much broader concept than most of us usually think.

Yes, you may quote me if you wish but remember, this is just one man's opinion, and there are many who fiercely oppose this opinion.



Jul 27, 2002

From C Welton,  Re "Nature of Life" statement :

I am also just one man, and it pains me to admit that I agree with you. If what you are saying is true, which I believe it is, then human thought will truely bring about the beginning of our own downfall. If we are lucky we may have the chance to become the mitocondria of the future, giving vital energy to the computer systems that will eventually take power from us. More likely, however, we will simply no longer be needed in the equation and cease to exist. If this comes to pass, life itself will move beyond the carbon based phase and enter the (silicon?) phase. Humans could very well be the climax of intelligent carbon based life on this planet. Even if we are, however, it is imperative to remember that evolution itself will continue.



Jul 28, 2002

From Dov:

CW expresses a gloomy outlook, and SA is of an optimistic outlook and refers us to                                                                     whereas I've been wizened by age+personal experiences in wars (2nd WW in Europe, and later in Israel)  and in life. My vision is as strict, confined and fundamental and my horizons are as infinite and awefull as science enables and allows me, and this includes regarding of human cultural concepts and connotations as just evolutionary survival replicative artifacts, toolings, analogous to the host of actual genes'-expressed in-cell toolings.

Re the above CW musing, the symbiosis of the mitochondrion with the nucleus, a characteristic life venture of cooperation, is after all what brought us here. If you wish to endow the computing system with life would'nt it be analogous to the mitochondrion in the relationship with us?. And in analogy with the cell and in line with the cooperative nature of life the combination would have a much bigger potential than the sum of the components…

And two minor remarks :

(A) Considering the extent to which computing has been replacing scientific experimentation is'nt the above process well on its way ?

(B) Re replacement of Carbon + Nitrogen bases by Silicon bases,  as a "plastics" professional I posit that this may indeed become necessary and come through in the near future in the field of synthetic polymers…


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