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Farewell to SA, HBG forum director

February 28, 2006

June (?) 2000, Dov to SA, HBG forum director, upon termination of the forum.

Dear SA,

A few days ago I was prunning the hedge around our yard as a neighbor passed and said (in Hebrew, of course) "Shalom, Dov, how are you ?" and I answered "Todah, Cha'yim" i.e. "thanks, life goes on…" and he retorted " don't worry, zeh ya'avor" i.e. "don't worry, it will ( come to ) pass…".

If we always bear in mind that all things about us come to pass we savor every day but at the same time we regard things with resignation that "ha'col o'ver" i.e. "everything comes to pass".

Yet there are things you do or create or move that leave with you a sense of achievement and satisfaction as they leave an impression on the passing stream of life and will definitely make a ripple or even a wave in life upstream, and you SA have definitely been doing it also in your dedicated HBG leadership.

With best regards and wishes,


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