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On evolutionay psychology

February 23, 2006

March 7 1999, PalPsych forum, DH to H L Bloom.

A. The following two statements do not seem, scientifically, right to me.  They also invite comment.

(1) On 99-03–03 PEET6666 writes : << the individual's progress is mirrored in the universal movements of the past. My question is how to apply this to psychology and politics…>>

I think that the universal movements of the past are mirrored in the individual's progress, and that this is expressed in all personal and social human activities.

(2) And in your comment on the above, Howard, you reflect that << each historical period represents a culture different than that which preceded or followed it >>. I think that "or followed" should be deleted.

B. But more important, Howard, in 99-03-06 you write << Evolutionary psychology needs a serious overhaul, but for scientific reasons, not political…>> Do I detect a creeping feeling of despair and an evolving urge to howl, HowlBloom ? Do I sense or imagine rightly that you feel drowning in an immense flood of verbiage, in an unending flood of pseudo scientific compilations that wash out or cover and hide from sight all the logical links and roots of individual and social human traits ?

Yes, I think that here too a Final Theory is desperately required, a fresh conception of the Origin and Nature of living things.


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