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Religious Scientist ?

February 21, 2006

May 16 2000,

"God and Evolution" versus "Science and Religion"

HBG members and friends,

An attempt to stir up a lively participation, hoping that it might be helpful for the continuation of this good site…

I confess that I am one of those who shudder at any attempt to engage a thought about common ground between Science and Religion. Therefore I got the shakes when I saw the title of K R Miller's book "Finding Darwin's God : A Scientist's Search for Common Ground between God and Evolution". But I read the title again and I said to myself "Wait a minute. The title does not indicate an attempt to link Religion with Science, but to link God with Evolution. Don't rush to condemn it. Examine it further".

However, as I read further about the book I find out that the author, a professor of biology at Brown University, deals with "the Judeo-Christian creation story…and with people of Faith", and I realise that here is another case of mistaken interchange of Religion or Faith with God.

I have always wondered with disbelief at the sight of a religious Scientist. Not at the sight of a Scientist who accepts the concept of some sort of a God but at the one who has a faith that involves some sort of a relationship between an individual or a group and a Specific God. My wonder is a result of reflection on the relationship between Religion and we Humans.

The essence of the biological drive and goal of the individual polynucleotides/genes and of their symbiotic associations in every form of life is neatly and solely to survive and proliferate. These drive and goal are the base essence of all Earth's life forms. It is instilled in each and every life form as on our planet and at the present phase of evolution of life on it these are simply the mono- or poly-cell colonies of the polynucleotides/genes.

All individual and group behavioural aspects of each and all Earth's life forms derive from the biological drive of the conglomerations of the polynucleotides that are their base units of life, and are shaped and directed by it or somehow serve it. These aspects include all civilizations including Human's and all the forms of their "cultures" including Religion, which are subjective virtual entities evolved, developed and of meaning and relevance to Humans only, serving their drive and goal to survive and proliferate in order that their base polynucleotides/genes survive and proliferate. This is my scientific credo.


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