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More on philosophy

February 21, 2006

More On Philosophy

Nov 16 1998

Sci-Cult Science-as-Culture@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU>

Dear Mr. Hedgecoe,

I simply related WHAT I FEEL: AND THINK, not what I "ought to or what is fashionable to feel and think".

I hope/suggest that a survey be carried out re WHO, HOW OFTEN and WHY have read or reads any article or book that has to do with philosopphy. I am sure that it will reveal that free-willed philosophy readers are either "professional hilosophers" or persons that feel obliged to wave this to maintain a "social status".

Philosophizing is not the only ludicrous or futile or silly or even mean or cruel thing that humans have been doing 3,000 years. Religion is another one, for example. Doing something 3,000 years does not lend it credentials, and even if it does make it a link in our culture this may be an undesirable link.

Is the above philosophizing ? I hope not. It is too simple and obvious and rational.



Nov 18 1998

Dear Mr. Hedgecoe,

– I don't have anything against philosophy, against religion, against psychology and against many other subjects. I don't find time for them on the list of MY priorities. Everyone and his list.

– I still suggest that a survey of who, how often and why reads philosophy will reveal that most people REGARDLESS OF EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND either ignore it or have no patience for it. If this is indeed the case then question " WHY NOT " may reveal various answers. Each of us can survey our friends of various backgrounds…

– It would be futile, in discussions of values and attitudes, to assess credentials or statements on the basis of lists of books or reviews read by the participants.



Nov 18 1998, to Sci-Cult Science-as-Culture@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU

Dear Mr. Reffell,

– I am not fortunate to have much time for internet activities and not gifted with patience for long exchanges. I seek the base essentials in every exchange and relate to it sparsely.

– I don't attack philosophy. I just ignore it.

– I consider rhetorics, the art of speaking, an instrument. Whether a violin is of low or high quality it is the melody that I seek.

– Who am I to make any claims re any 'ism or any theory. I just state what I feel or think.

Best regards,


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