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Re humans' split brain

February 20, 2006


On M Vest's review of Dawkin's "Unweaving The Rainbow Remarks about two matters :

1. Re " The meme is one of Dawkin's candidates for the "software innovation" that launched the self-feeding spiral of explosive co-evolution that inflated the human brain so far beyond those of any other animal's" :

First I recommend looking up MS Gazzaniga's "The Split Brain Revisited", in July 98 Scientific American. Next I suggest my footnote to this excellent Gazzaniga account, to explain the origin of the difference of the human brain from the brains of other animals :

My conjectural guesstimate is that as the early Human adopted a two-feet posture his field of vision, his perspective, underwent a vast extension with new impressions to assess and analyse. This new requirement used up some of his existing brain functionality and concurrently set up a creeping contralateralization in compensation for the lost functionality. The progress of contralateralized compensation may be alternatively in one half then in the other half of the brain. Most probably the human brain is still in the process of evolutionary development in this general direction…

2. Re the reviewer's occasional reference to relationships between three distinct classes of people, these being (a) we , us, ourselves (b) the public, and (c) our patrons. This psychological slip can fuel an extensive analysis of his concepts and attitudes and his complexes… I like to think that he is not representative of a wide WE group.

Dov Henis

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