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God after Darwin

February 20, 2006

May 02, 2000, to HMS Beagle, Letter to Editor.

God After Darwin

>From :"On the origin and nature of life on planet Earth",

The essence of the biological drive and goal of the individual Polynucleotides/Genes and of their symbiotic associations is neatly and solely to survive and to proliferate. These drive and goal are thus the base essence of all Earth's life forms. It is instilled in each and every life form on Earth as at the present phase of evolution of life on Earth these are simply the mono- or polycell colonies of the Polynucleotides.

All individual and group behavioral aspects of each and all Earth's life forms derive from the biological drive of the conglomerations of the Polynucleotides that are their base units of life, and are shaped and directed by it or somehow serve it. These aspects include all civilizations including Humans' and all the forms of their "culture" including religion, which are subjective virtual entities evolved, developed and of meaning and relevance to Humans only, serving their drive and goal to survive and proliferate in order that their base Polynucleotides/genes will survive and proliferate.

Dov Henis

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